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From treatments for cracked heels to toe nail cutting, and everything in between, Baxter Podiatry can do it all. Our friendly podiatrist has the skills and knowledge your feet need.

When your feet are in great condition, you'll feel happier and healthier all over. If you have foot pain, an infection, or difficulty walking, call us today for expert advice.

Look after your feet, and they'll carry you for year after year. Our chiropody service is based on prevention, management and treatment. If you have a foot problem, we can help.

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The latest skills

Foot examinations

We take pride in applying the latest chiropody skills to ensure great results for our clients.

Have you discomfort in your feet? We'll carry out static and functional foot examinations, to find the root cause.

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The Baxter Podiatry clinic in Maud provides a high standard of Podiatry Care while maintaining a friendly and professional service with competitive fees.