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Toenail care

Corns and calluses

Louise Macleod graduated from Queen Margaret University with a degree in Podiatry. Louise is HCPC registered, a member of the society of chiropodists and podiatrists and also worked for the NHS.

Do you have difficulty clipping or trimming your own nails? Baxter Podiatry can provide an expert toenail cutting service. Call us for more details.

If you have corns or calluses on your feet, it can make walking difficult. We provide effective treatments that will allow you to live life to the full again, free from discomfort.

Ingrown toenails

Defeating infections

Complete foot care

Never ignore ingrown toenails, as it can result in serious infections. We're qualified to administer local anaesthetic and carry out nail surgery to ease pain and discomfort from ingrown toenails, safely and effectively.

Fungal infections, such as athlete's foot, can be socially embarrassing. Don't risk cross-infection, contact us for expert treatment and advice. Say goodbye to foot and nail infections.

Whether you have bunions, verrucas, cracked heels, ulcers, or blisters, we're here to help you. We'll find the right treatment and provide the added convenience.

Diabetic foot care

Podiatrist are also highly trained in assessing and treating problems associated with diabetic foot care.

Insoles / Orthotics


Through careful analysis of your bio mechanics, the Podiatrist is able to diagnose and effectively treat a range of conditions. In some cases, custom made prescription orthotics can be manufactured to treat individual requirements.